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Lake Zurich High School
300 Church St., Lake Zurich, IL 60047
School Hour:
Sunday 12:30 PM ~ 4:20 PM
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Fenghua Academy
P.O. Box 283, Lake Zurich, IL 60047
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2022 Summer semester will begin on Sunday, June 5, 2022. The online registration has been opened. New class schedule has been posted on website. Please review the class schedule and register online at your earliest convenience. The registration will be closed on 6/12/2022

  • 风华中文学校2021牛年新春贺岁片
  • 儿童美术班的小朋友们在叶红云老师指导下使足了牛劲, 画出了各种中国新年祝福卡,祝中文学校全体师生家长们牛年交牛运。请欣赏孩子们的 中国新年祝福卡
  • 陈一雯老师三年级中文班新年活动、作业展示

  • 风华中文学校的老师认真负责,通过各种努力积极活跃网课气氛,增加和学生的互动, 更多花絮请点看 教学园地

    Fenghua Newsletter Issue 051 published.

    School Brochure

    Our school and Lake Zurich High School would like to reiterate that there is absolutely no parking or standing at the fire lane in front the B-wing building. More ...



    1. Book Club

    2. AP Chinese
      • AP 课程简介
        AP (Advanced Placement)是为高中生设置的大学程度的课程。很多大学都会认可AP的4分或5分的成绩,可以在大学跳级或免修该门课程。AP 中文课是针对注册选修 AP 中文和即将报考AP中文的高中学生设立的。其目的在于 帮助学生把所学过的中文语言和文化知识进行全面系统的汇总,更好地运用 在实际生活中; 并且熟悉美国大学理事会 AP 考试的要求和格式。学生可以通过该课程的学习,参加于明年5月份进行的AP Chinese考试,或参加SAT Chinese考试,这门课程一定会让每个学生的中文提升到一个新水平而且终生受益。 要了解最新的AP课程信息介绍,请看点击的链接:College Board - AP

      • 老师: 赵天雅老师系中国成都的四川大学历史学本科毕业。2008年获得威斯康星州密尔沃基大学汉语教学许可证,并获得了WI State专业教育许可证。2014年获得了IL国家职业教育许可证,在公立学校教授汉语15年,5年AP汉语教学经验。 在公立高中教中文1,2,3&AP。
      • 时间: Check Class Schedule

    3. Pre AP Chinese

    4. 中国经典历史故事

    5. 趣味识字

    6. Debate

    7. STEM
      • 课程简介: A STEM class designed to introduce your child to the world of STEM. With basic concepts in science topics such as chemistry, biology, and physics, this class gives your child an opportunity to learn about the future of STEM, and open doors for STEM careers that your child may want to pursue. The class is perfect for those who may not know what STEM is, or those who would like to see how STEM can change lives, and how basic topics from school such as science and math can be applied to the real world to solve real problems.

      • 老师: Andrew Zhang
      • 时间: Check Class Schedule

    8. Digital Art
      • 课程简介: Digital Art is a method of creating artwork using digital technology. In this course, we will go over the basics of using digital art programs, explore a variety of coloring, drawing, editing, and general digital art creation techniques, as well as receive feedback in the creative process. This course is intended for beginners to digital art: those who have no experience, little experience, or those who are not familiar with the use of most digital art tools. Materials needed for this course:
        • A digital device that you can use a digital art program on, such as:
          • A touch screen tablet
          • A computer, but if you are using one, taking this course requires a drawing tablet/pad that goes with it.
        • MediBang Paint, a free software available to download on any device.

      • 老师: Roxanne Liang
      • 时间: Check Class Schedule

    9. Chess
      • 课程简介: As motivated chess players ourselves, we recognize the many benefits of bringing chess into peoples' lives and using this powerful game to learn valuable life skills that are vital for success. While dedicated to giving back what we have learned and inspiring the game in others, our main goal is to provide kids with an affordable and accessible chess education and to use the game as a resource for both personal and educational development. Depending on skill level, we can cover a wide range of chess related topics for those who are just starting, and also for those who are more advanced.

      • 老师: Fred Yuan
      • 时间: Check Class Schedule

    10. Python
      • Python 课程简介: Python is a class meant to introduce your child to basic functions of python, a popular and versatile programming language. This class will not only provide a good start to those looking to pursue programming in the future but also develops creativity and critical thinking skills through projects that apply the skills your child learns in class.

      • 老师: Max Liu / Joyce Lin
      • 时间: Check Class Schedule

    11. Scratch

    12. Java