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Lake Zurich High School
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Sunday 12:30 PM ~ 4:20 PM
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Fenghua Academy
P.O. Box 283, Lake Zurich, IL 60047
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我们社区的这几位高才生将于6月27日1:00-3:00PM在Zoom上与大家分享她们学习和成长的经历。这是zoom成为常态以来的第二届 College Panel. 请感兴趣的同学和家长扫码报名

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The summer class is open for registration now. The first class will start in 6/4. Please visit Calendar and Schedule for details.

Fenghua Academy

  • 风华中文学校2021牛年新春贺岁片
  • 儿童美术班的小朋友们在叶红云老师指导下使足了牛劲, 画出了各种中国新年祝福卡,祝中文学校全体师生家长们牛年交牛运。请欣赏孩子们的 中国新年祝福卡
  • 陈一雯老师三年级中文班新年活动、作业展示

  • 各位同学家长大家好!

    为喜迎2021年中国新年,风华中文学校从2/11 ~ 2/17(农历除夕~正月初六)放假一周。



    Dear All Students and Parents,

    There is no school from 2/11 ~ 2/17 to celebrate Chinese New Year Festival. School resumes on 2/18 (Weekday class) and 2/21 for Weekend class.

    Fenghua Academy


    风华中文学校的老师认真负责,通过各种努力积极活跃网课气氛,增加和学生的互动, 更多花絮请点看 教学园地

    Fenghua Newsletter Issue 051 published.

    School Brochure

    Our school and Lake Zurich High School would like to reiterate that there is absolutely no parking or standing at the fire lane in front the B-wing building. More ...



    1. AP Chinese

    2. Pre AP Chinese

    3. Junior High-English Reading/Writing
      • 课程简介: This course will focus on major elements of English Language Arts at the sixth through eighth grade level. Students who participate in this course will be able to demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking, demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing, and determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grade six reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies. Additionally, students in this course will acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific words and phrases, and they will be able to gather vocabulary knowledge when considering a word or phrase important to comprehension or expression.

      • 老师: Peter Murray
      • 时间: Tuesday & Thursday Morning 10:00AM to 11:50AM

    4. 奇妙的中国汉字
      • 课程简介: 课程每学期会持续更新学习内容,其中涵盖了基础中文知识,儿童诗歌散文,经典寓言童话故事,古诗吟诵,基础阅读与识字等章节。包含拼音复习,识字积累,书写指导,阅读能力,课外拓展、展示等中文训练。

      • 老师: 陈一雯
      • 时间: 周一三上午 9:00AM to 9:50AM

    5. 小主持人
      • 课程简介: 课程会从正确的气息、发声开始学习,配合自然的肢体动作。以诗歌朗诵,绕口令,讲故事,演讲等为载体,达到培养提高学生表演和口才的艺术为目标。

      • 老师: 陈一雯
      • 时间: 周二四上午 9:00AM to 9:50AM

    6. 经典寓言/童话故事
      • 课程简介: 课程收集了10篇适合孩子们阅读的经典寓言、童话故事。包含拼音复习,识字积累,书写指导,阅读能力,课外拓展、展示等中文训练。

      • 老师: 陈一雯
      • 时间: 周日下午 12:30PM to 2:20PM

    7. 阅读与情景对话

    8. 趣味识字

    9. 少儿经典故事

    10. Debate

    11. STEM
      • 课程简介: A STEM class designed to introduce your child to the world of STEM. With basic concepts in science topics such as chemistry, biology, and physics, this class gives your child an opportunity to learn about the future of STEM, and open doors for STEM careers that your child may want to pursue. The class is perfect for those who may not know what STEM is, or those who would like to see how STEM can change lives, and how basic topics from school such as science and math can be applied to the real world to solve real problems.

      • 老师: Andrew Zhang / Justin Danh
      • 时间: 周一三下午 4:00PM to 4:50PM

    12. Digital Art
      • 课程简介: Digital Art is a method of creating artwork using digital technology. In this course, we will go over the basics of using digital art programs, explore a variety of coloring, drawing, and general art creation techniques, as well as receive feedback in the creative process. Materials needed for this course:
        • A digital device that you can use a digital art program on.
        • Preferably a tablet or a computer with a drawing pad/tablet for convenience, however a phone will work too.
        • MediBang Paint, a free software available to download on any device.
        • When we go over the basics of an art program, we will be using MediBang Paint. However, if you are not a beginner and prefer other programs, you are welcome to use them when we get into creating pieces.

      • 老师: Roxanne Liang
      • 时间: 周二四下午 4:00PM to 4:50PM

    13. Chess
      • 课程简介: As motivated chess players ourselves, we recognize the many benefits of bringing chess into peoples' lives and using this powerful game to learn valuable life skills that are vital for success. While dedicated to giving back what we have learned and inspiring the game in others, our main goal is to provide kids with an affordable and accessible chess education and to use the game as a resource for both personal and educational development. Depending on skill level, we can cover a wide range of chess related topics for those who are just starting, and also for those who are more advanced.

      • 老师: Fred Yuan / Ashley Yan
      • 时间: 周一三下午 3:00PM to 3:50PM

    14. Python
      • 课程简介: Beginner’s python is a class meant to introduce your child to basic functions of python, a popular and versatile programming language. This class will not only provide a good start to those looking to pursue programming in the future but also develops creativity and critical thinking skills through projects that apply the skills your child learns in class.

      • 老师: Joey Zhu
      • 时间: 周二四下午 3:00PM to 3:50PM

    15. 中文朗诵
      • 课程简介: 朗诵不仅是菁英的艺术,也当是大众的艺术。引导孩子从小燃起对朗诵的热爱,在朗诵艺术的殿堂里学习、探索、成长乃至创作,切身体会并展现“当文字插上声音的翅膀”之魅力;使得孩子在慢慢人生旅途中懂得欣赏美,创造美并传播美。这不仅陶冶自身的情操,也有助于提高社交能力,从而成为受人尊敬和喜爱的社区成员。

      • 老师: Katherine Zhou / Angel Liu
      • 时间: 周五下午 2:00PM to 3:30PM

    16. Introduction to Java/Minecraft Gaming
      • 课程简介: Java is an extremely popular programming language that is utilized in many computer science projects. it is the programming language that the AP computer science class is taught in and tested on, so it will build a great foundation if your child chooses to participate in AP compsci during highschool. In addition, sunmer is a time of fun so we will also be spending time playing and building together in minecraft, a video game that many kids like to play. the two will not be interrelated but we will split the class time so students get to both learn computer science (java) and play on the computer! it would be preferred if students had a computer/mac/laptop of some sort that has minecraft and bluej (a software for java) downloaded.

      • 老师: Grace Chen
      • 时间: 周一三下午 2:00PM to 2:50PM